A Recap of the Inaugural Eco Film + Media Arts Festival '22

A few words from the lead organizer, Natasha Nutkiewicz:

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"We all know the climate crisis is here. It's an emergency we can't continue to ignore. But why doesn't it get the attention it so desperately needs on TV, in movies, in podcasts, or even in the news? The absence is startling. According to the recent Good Energy and Norman Lear Center report, only 2.8% of 37,453 analyzed scripts from 2016 to 2020 contained climate keywords. We need to start telling stories about environmental justice, eco-feminism, and sustainable futures to culture hack, shift our collective consciousness and alter the course of our future. The stakes couldn't be higher, especially for storytellers and artists.

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Instead of just sulking in eco-grief and anxiety as I have been for the past 2 years, I decided to use my skills as a producer and organize this film festival. I am just one person, right? But with the support of a collective, I was able to bring 100 people together to celebrate students already doing this work, raise awareness and inspire action. As young people, we have more power and agency than we think.

I couldn't be more grateful to the Arts & Climate Collective, Arts in Action, Assignment Earth, and Media Arts + Practice for supporting this event. Thank you, Colin McClay and Michael Bodie for helping me and trusting my vision. Thank you to everyone who came, your messages and words of encouragement mean the world. Thank you to the wonderful panelists, Courtnee Zambrano and Jay Ponti for your honesty and passion.

We have the science and solutions, now we need to tell the story and continue building a movement. This is just the start!"

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"Your event inspired me so much. Thank you for bringing the community together and giving these artists a venue to showcase their work” - Eliana

Charles McCollum Photography Credit

"Thank you for inviting me! Seriously it was so inspirational to see everyone's stories and

hear what they had to say. In a way, it really made me think differently about the talent at

this school and really made me think about what I want my art to do for the world. If there's

anything else like last night going on please let me know because I'd love to come and

show my support again!!!" - CJ

Charles McCollum Photography Credit

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A playlist of the films screened at the event will be available here soon. Please check back if interested.

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